Grape Finale

Bartles Corner Business Park
8 Bartles Corner Road
Suite 107
Flemington, New Jersey 08822

(908) 237-0302

Video: The Process

At Grape Finale you will create your own wine in 4-5 hours of hands on winemaking.

The courses are broken into four sessions:

Grape Finale uses the same winemaking techniques used at leading wineries around the world. We use Ozone to sanitize our barrels and equipment, thus ensuring top quality winemaking.

Grape Finale also uses argon protection during maturation and a nitrogen infused bottling process to ensure the high quality and long term storage of your premium wine. You personalize your wine by choosing the region, grape type, barrel type and the amount of aging it will receive.


Session 1 – Crush (1 – 1 ½ hours)

Destem and crush your grapes and start primary fermentation. “Grape must” measurement and adjustments are made. White wine customers extract juice from the “must” and fill stainless steel barrels.

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Session 2 – Press (1 hour)

7-14 days after primary fermentation begins, red wine customers use a wine press to extract the juices from the “must” and transfer their young wine to an oak barrel.


Session 3 – Racking (1 hour)

Learn how to rack and remove lees (sediment) from a barrel of wine. The barrel is then “topped off.”


Session 4 – Bottling & Labeling (1 hour)

Bottle your wine and decorate with your label. ENJOY!