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3/4 Barrel – Fall Season


SKU: 001

Product Description

Yields 180 Bottles of Wine.

* Standard pricing includes grapes, winemaking sessions, use of winery grade equipment and winemaking techniques, use of American Oak barrel/Stainless Steel tank, wine aging, corks, bottles, decorative capsules, and personalized labels & sales tax.

† Reserve wines will be bottled in July 2022. Non-reserve wines will be bottled in July 2021. 18 month reserve wines will be bottled in March 2022.

How to order your wine labels: Non-reserve winemakers will receive instructions via email in April 2021, Reserve winemakers in April 2022, and 18 month Reserve winemakers in January 2022.

The State of New Jersey requires winemakers to purchase a $15 winemaking license. Directions will be provided to you by Grape Finale at the time you place your order.

Fall season grapes from California, Washington, and Oregon arrive in September and October. Grape Finale will contact you 2-3 weeks prior to the arrival of your grapes to schedule your winemaking sessions with you.

Grape Finale’s Spring winemaking season runs April through May when you can make wine with premium wine grapes from South Africa and Chile.  Open Houses begin in February.  Check back for dates and information.