Grape Finale

Bartles Corner Business Park
8 Bartles Corner Road
Suite 107
Flemington, New Jersey 08822

(908) 237-0302


Kimberly F., 02/15/17: THANK YOU for all of your help! We had a beautiful day and wonderful time celebrating my sister Brittany. Everyone keeps raving about your establishment! They loved Grape Finale and the catering from Capuanos (thank you for the recommendation). We will definitely be recommending Grape Finale to everyone we know. I seriously cannot thank you enough – from the last minute shuffling of tables and chairs to assisting us throughout and after the shower – it was a perfect day

Claire T., 01/17/17: What a treat to taste our “Red Fox Zin” as it matures in the barrel. Wonderful balance, berry and bouquet! With each stage in the process we are learning a little science, rolling up our sleeves and having lot of fun. Lisa and her expert vintners have a top-notch facility and bring in premium grapes from California, South America and South Africa to make serious wine.

Rick S., 01/20/16: Our Syrah has been well received by friends and myself. I have given away at least 12 bottles and everyone who has drank one has remarked that it is a very nice bottle of wine. I even gave a bottle to my physician. He was touched.  My cousin, who works in the wine section of a gourmet shop and is responsible for marketing wines likens our bottle to a 25-30 dollar bottle.

Mark G., Facebook, 11/1/15: We just opened our 2014 Albarino, and it is outstanding! Bright with lots of grapefruit and mineral, but still sturdy enough to hold up to a good piece of salmon. There is enough structure that, I think this one will hold up for a few years yet. Some wines are better than others, but after nearly 5 years, we haven’t had a dud yet. If wine makes people happy, than you teach people to bring more joy to the world. :)

David C., Facebook, 7/20/15: Bottled 3 outstanding wines this weekend: Old Zinfandel, Prisoner Blend and Super Tuscan – samples from all 3 barrels were fantastic – seemed ready to drink right now. Will be impatiently waiting for these to undergo some conditioning in the bottle. Absolutely superb!

Rosanne D., Facebook, 5/23/15: Great time here with great people. Wonderful experience.

Rita K.,, 10/6/14: We had our 40th wedding anniversary party at Grape Finale last week and it was fantastic. It was so much fun for all our family – from the little tykes to the teens to the adults. Lisa and Jurgen did a great job of explaining how the wine is made, letting us taste the different grapes, etc. The adults were fascinated by the process and the kids/teens LOVED the grape crushing. Lisa set us up with a caterer so we did our wine making first which got everyone in a party mood – followed by our dinner. They even helped us set up a “Wine Stomping Selfie Station” by supplying a barrel cut in half that our guests could stand in as if they were crushing grapes Lucy-style and take pictures. We gave each of our guests a commemorative bottle of wine with our own anniversary picture/date label. And next summer we’ll have the wine we made on our anniversary to share again. The whole experience was more fun than we’d even imagined – and a great way to celebrate with our family!

Lorraine A., Foursquare, 1/11/14: Love Grape Finale. Our group made two kinds of wine and had a blast. We are racking now! Awesome!🍷🍷🍷🍷

Patty H., Merchant Circle, 12/12: We have been making wine at Grape Finale since it opened in 2011. Our Malbec will be bottled soon, and the Riesling is next. So far, we’ve done one or two wines at each session (Spring and Fall), which is allowing us to build our inventory. We share the experience with friends to get the cost down and make the whole thing more fun. We are very pleased with the wine and everyone that we have shared it with thinks it’s great. It’s really nice to give as gifts as well, with our own label! Lisa really knows what she is doing and the wine is superb.

Stan & Joyce G.,, 12/22/12: Discovered Grape Finale in Spring of 2012. Truly a wine-making school, with Lisa & Jurgen providing detailed instruction and explanation through each step in the process. Lisa’s personal selection of grapes and ability to nurture the wine-in-process is excellent. The hands-on aspect says you “made” the wine – crushing-pressing-racking-bottling (with labels you select and personalize). Becoming Medicare-eligible in 2012 necessitated a special celebration, and having made wine once before in southern NJ, we invited family members to make wine with us at Grape Finale. Started with 4 ¼ barrels of Chilean wines (Chardonnay, Cab-Sauvignon, Malbec, & Syrah). Then tasted a barreled Super Tuscan from CA. Bought a ¼ barrel, now bottled and cellaring for maturity (although it drinks very well now). Also sampled CA Sauvignon Blanc and Chateaneuf du Pape and enjoyed them so much we added 2 more ¼ barrels to our “inventory.” So if you enjoy wine, pay a visit – you’ll definitely enjoy!